Learning is Inevitable

India, a place where education overtook all the basic needs of every individual and treated as one of the highest grossing business here.

It’s a quite common dialogue that we listen or use in general “Try to study seriously for this particular time period, later on, you can and you will enjoy”. Isn’t it such a foolish statement we ever delivered or believed in.

Did you ever thought about our journey of “Making fire out of rocks to using that fire to destroy ourselves” – Which we call as Evolution, which is a result of learning and experimenting. If our ancestors thought of enjoying for rest of the time, probably we wouldn’t have been enjoying present days technologies and luxuries.


Learning is nothing but Evolution – Living in our future. God, whom we credit for all the evolution we achieved, achieving and achieve in the future. But, I believe the real hero is “Brain” which keeps on working for every hour, every minute and every second without any rest even if we rest. Which was the most important organ and present in most of the living organisms. Among the most possible and impossible activities, I believe “Time Waste” is an impossible activity for every living organism as we were gifted with a great environment where we keep on learning every second of our life, even while sleeping. As, studies say that the dreams we get during we sleep are the work we have done before or we are valuing for. Also, experts suggest taking a nap if we run out of thoughts helps us in getting solutions, which means brain functions even we rest.

But, the magic we won’t notice is that we won’t realize our learning until we get a problem or challenge or chance to work on it. How about discussing a few examples related to it:-


During infancy kids struggle a lot to turn around, support themselves on knees, hands and start crawling. After a few days, they start supporting themselves on their legs by taking support and later on start walking. In this time period, they consciously or subconsciously start learning out of which one day they start walking on their own without any support.

Octopus escaping from glass jar was one of the major shared videos among social networks with multiple titles. Am not sure if you take it as an outcome of the struggle and thought process it had at that particular time. But, if you think. It was an outcome of learning experiences which it passed consciously and subconsciously that collectively helped to come out of that glass jar.

We are enjoying the fruits now which were the outcomes of learning experiences of our past generations. Believe that every individual had some learning experience in him/her which we need to learn and which we need to value for. Irrespective of the profession, age, gender, caste, and creed. Even a beggar has something in him which we need to learn and for which we need to value him. Start valuing every individual for what he is and start learning.

Learning is Inevitable. Treat yourself dead, if you feel like learning nothing.

“Never Live In Your Past, Live In Your Future”

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